N5MAD: MINDEN AMATEUR D-STAR  was originally created for the purpose of acquiring a club call to be used with the first D-Star system installed in the Minden, Louisiana area.

The club call requirement came as a result of one of the D-Star system design parameters, which prohibits the repeater from having the same call as a user radio. While having an individual trustee's call on the repeater was common practice, it causes real problems in the D-Star system.

Interest has grown significantly in our efforts since we began. Membership in the N5MAD: MINDEN AMATEUR D-STAR is open to interested amateurs, with some restrictions. If you're interested in becoming a member of N5MAD, please see the DOWNLOAD PAGE.
The future of N5MAD looks promising.  Future D-Star Repeater sites include but are not limited to the following Parishes:   LINCOLN, OUACHITA, RICHLAND, SABINE, RAPIDES.